Financial Services

Transform the financial services experience

Unlock new chance to entitle intelligent banking, modernise trading and personalise insurance software systems. With Ecstatic Infotel, financial organisations have the infrastructure and security to take customer experiences to the next level.

Banks need to fundamentally rethink what it will take to pivot to more customer centric business model, aggressively go beyond their branch based distribution networks, and at least invest in operations transformation which can bring back the returns to scale. This will require tremendous shift in focus from strategy to execution across all dimension -of people, process & Technology.

Digital Banking

Rethinking of the product and service engagement model

To move away from product- centric silos to a more holistic customer centric approach.

Creation of personalized customer experience:

By servicing customers in the channel of their choice in a truly multichannel world.

Re-Imagination Of Operations:

To Create Simpler, agile processes that are able to adapt to rapidly evolving customer engagements needs.